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Here you can submit payroll paperwork relating to your own situation including:
- Immigration forms
- Banking forms
- TD1 / TD1-IN
- CPT30
- Employee paid benefits form

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Immigration instructions
Please submit a scan or clear photo of your immigration documentation to ensure that you are able to be paid by UVic.

To be compliant with Canadian regulations, UVic requires a copy of current immigration documentation for all foreign employees. This includes both a SIN letter with expiry dates, and a work or study visa. You can submit this information through this form or in person at the Accounting front desk on the first floor of the Michael Williams building.

If you have received a notification from the Payroll department indicating that your information is out of date, please submit your new information as soon as possible to avoid removal from the UVic payroll. For more information please contact payroll@uvic.ca or call us at 250-721-7034.
Immigration document type
Immigration document type
If not yet avaliable please put TBC
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